Our Story


It all started with Dede getting her real estate license after moving to Charleston in 1990. B.V. left the corporate world to join her in 2004. In 2012, they branched out from the family and brought Lauren on board. The blonde mold was broken when Vanessa joined in 2015. The foursome’s varied talents meld to create first class service for their clients, which number over 500.

Dede and her family moved to Charleston from Savannah after Hurricane Hugo in 1990. After building two spec homes, she decided to get her real estate license. It’s been a perfect fit for her love of hospitality and mission to help others. Daughter B.V. moved back to Charleston after college to work for Blackbaud. She and Dede collaborated on her wedding planning and were pleasantly surprised by how well they worked together. Dede’s business had gained enough momentum to warrant hiring an assistant so B.V. joined her in 2004.

Lauren Blake Newman was wrapping up her first job out of college in marketing and wanted to pursue a real estate career. She joined the team as a buyers agent in 2012. She has an in-depth knowledge of the downtown market from having lived there in college, as well as Wild Dunes where her family owns a second home.

B.V. is very involved in the Junior League of Charleston, where she met Vanessa Nichols Beechem chairing a fundraiser together. Vanessa was looking to transition from a 7 year banking career into real estate when B.V. asked her to join the team. Her knack for numbers and command of the commercial sector rounds out the team’s talents.

The mother/daughter team has evolved into a small business with annual revenues of $1 million. Their synergy is propelled by a commitment to excellence and diligent work ethic.

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What Makes Us Different?

  • We are pushy for you, not with you. We are effective without being aggressive.

  • Our service extends beyond closing. We plan to be your lifelong advocate, partner and advisor.

  • We are expert problem solvers. We get paid to anticipate snags and deliver solutions before they become your problem.

  • The synergy among our team members creates a fun and fulfilling work environment that extends to our clients.

  • Other agents want to work with us. We have developed a reputation for our approach, work ethic, and experience.

  • Our team based approach provides comprehensive service, personalized attention, and area-based representation.

  • The intentional demonstration of our sincere client appreciation: you won’t see us on a billboard or hear us on the radio. We spend our marketing dollars showing our existing clients how much we care.

  • Our communication style is incredibly direct and focused on honest feedback.

  • Our clients make us different - their loyalty and trust. More than 80% of our business comes from past clients.