Restaurant Review: The Establishment

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The Establishment was quickly on my radar when it opened at 20 Broad in 2018 because I especially love fine dining establishments. But then I began to hear some less than favorable reviews about value and inconsistent food quality. Recently a friend visited from Cleveland and I decided it was time to give them a chance.

When we were seated several tables down from Mayor Tecklenburg I took it as a positive sign. We were not disappointed! The Long building has a rich historic feeling. The decor is comfortable with 2 dining areas divided by a lovely large bar. There are banquettes and tables.  Service was friendly and thorough but unobtrusive. The drink options were plentiful although we did not partake. My companion had a beautiful beet salad and a creative take on a shrimp cocktail where the shrimp were sliced horizontally and arranged like a beautiful sun over a bed of greens. I had a delicious soft shell crab and the best seafood stew I have tasted in this city. We couldn’t resist sharing the moist olive oil chocolate cake that tasted divine.  The noise level allowed us to have pleasant conversation.  I will definitely return to The Establishment.

Written by: Dede Warren  Restaurant Enthusiast and Critic

Written by: Dede Warren

Restaurant Enthusiast and Critic