Restaurant Review: Chubby Fish

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I had been wanting to try this hip new restaurant at the corner of Coming and Bogard. They do not take reservations so I went with a friend at 6 o’clock hoping to avoid the crowds. Sure enough the small restaurant was not full and we quickly got a table.

The HVAC was on the verge of being too warm. Hannah Raskin had published a not so favorable review that same day so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Hannah could not have been more wrong. The food was very fresh and beautifully prepared. Combinations were creative but everything was pleasing to my unsophisticated palate.

We had a beautiful salad with squash and mint. The shrimp and rice was cooked to perfection and just the right amount of spice. The clam toast on hearty wheat bread was unique and delicious. The flounder entrée had two large dense pieces of fresh flounder and was topped with creative tomatillo and jalapeño pepper.

Written by: Dede Warren  Restaurant Enthusiast and Critic

Written by: Dede Warren

Restaurant Enthusiast and Critic

I definitely recommend this restaurant! Parking can be a bit of a problem. Might be best to Uber. 

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