About Dede

Dede has called Charleston home since 1991. She is originally from Savannah, GA and holds a degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. In her former life, she worked in hospitality, which benefits her 25 year real estate career. She's the team founder and mentor.



My favorite restaurant...

is always "the next new one I haven't tried!" I come from a restaurant/catering background and always want to try the next hottest place that opens. And Charleston always has exciting new establishments to try.

My greatest accomplishment...

is having 3 wonderful grown married children that I have a good relationship with and all are contributing members of society. The three granddaughters are a nice bonus!

My most fun day off...

would be getting my hands in the dirt and building up a sweat gardening, then taking the boat out for a cool swim, followed by dinner off the grill with friends.

My favorite place to take visitors...

I always include a trip to The Wreck restaurant on Shem Creek. Everyone has loved it.


Five Words to Describe Me:

  1. organizer

  2. adventurous

  3. loyal

  4. encourager

  5. industrious

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