Ready to sell?

When is it time to sell? Job relocation. Family change. Need more space. Need less to maintain. Our team is here to help you know when to list and how to get the most money for your home.

We have a unique marketing strategy that results in very low days on market which produces a higher percentage of asking price. Our listings currently average 30 days on market... 50% faster than the market!

However, you may not be in a hurry. Selling a home can be emotional, especially if it was the first home you purchased. We've worked with many clients who filled their first homes with so many memories that it was hard to say goodbye, even after they were busting at the seams and ready to upgrade. Our job is to customize the selling process & timeline to match your goals & comfort zone. We can help you start preparing your home to capture top dollar, even if you aren't quite ready to move on.

Upon request, we can share our resources for preparing your home to list so you know where to start. The preparation timeline is different for everyone and can range from 5 days to months, depending on what needs to be accomplished. So it's never too early to reach out and discuss next steps!