Restaurant Review: Josephine Wine Bar

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Five years ago my son shared a house at the corner of Spring and Rose with fellow college students. It was an unsavory place and drug sales took place regularly on that corner. I called it the “Mama’s got to pray every night on her knees district.” 

Boy, have things changed! My friend and I strolled the same area recently and admired all the quaint start-up businesses in the area. Our destination was the reopened Wild Common but it was closed for the evening. We decided to give the nearby Josephine Wine Bar a try and were delighted with our choice.


The space is anchored by a beautiful bar and the extensive wine choices are on display. The General Manager was very involved, friendly and attentive. The wait staff was efficient and competent. The timing of our courses was perfect. Our table had those skimpy chairs that everyone seems to be using these days. Not great for mature bottoms, and if I return I will ask to be seated at one of the banquettes in the back. I slipped in an order for the house red on happy hour and it was delicious. My friend had a champagne cocktail that she loved. We shared an heirloom tomato salad with all fresh farm produce over a bed of fluffy whipped cheese... outstanding. Our shared entree was shrimp & gnocchi made with semolina flour instead of potatoes and not boiled. I can’t describe how fabulous it was. This chef is really creative. We couldn’t resist sharing the hazelnut chocolate cake for dessert. A rich, dense chocolate cake covered with ice cream and topped with a crunchy chocolate topping (think Dairy Queen) with hazelnuts scattered around. 

I don’t always think to try the blossoming restaurant district popping up around Spring Street but there are some great things happening in the area. Josephine Wine Bar is a winner!!

Written by: Dede Warren  Restaurant Enthusiast and Critic

Written by: Dede Warren

Restaurant Enthusiast and Critic